[ Never was a cornflake girl… ]

20022018 ULTRA flickr

♥ tune…

Milana Dress **NEW** by Fame Femme at N21
Alessia hair **NEW** by DOUX for ULTRA
Century Lounge Chair **NEW** by Eleventh Hour
Dorayakis & Soy Milk **NEW** by Ionic at Chapter Four
Potted Plant **NEW** by Ionic at Chapter Four
Music Co. AMP-5064A-3 by Seven Emporium
Jukebox DC108C by Seven Emporium
Vintage road bike (leaf green) by Anhelo
‘dorable Danes 6. Harlequin Companion Pup by JIAN 
Hanging clothes part of HAIKEI’s Save Room For My Love Gacha
Picture part of HAIKEI’s Lazy Sunday Gacha
Wall Smoker pose by KOPFKINO

[ He said he loved me but he loved the beat … ]

16022018 Ultra blog

♥ tune…

Lancaster Worktable and Worklights **NEW** by :: NEWCHURCH :: at ULTRA
Chicago Lounge Chair **NEW** by elev8 at ULTRA
Studio 1 **NEW** by [ SAXIEM ]
Original Artwork: L’Homme de la Nuit and Newspaper by Apple Fall
CD Pile, Vodka and Wine Bottles by Kunst
Small Plants by Ionic
Large Plants by Dust Bunny
Vintage Road Bike by Anhelo
Magazine Stack by Fancy Decor
Vinyl Records by .Soy
Animal Rug by Junk

[ You got to say it if you want to, but you won’t change me… ]

18012018 BE blog

♥ tune…

Belle Dancing Dress RARE **NEW** by Belle Epoque for PocketGacha
Athena Hair by Truth (Previous VIP Group Gift)
Heart Chain Choker by Yummy
Chesterfield Ladies Chaise **NEW** by Dictatorshop at ULTRA
Black Candlestick Phone by Dust Bunny
Potted Plants by Dust Bunny
Antiquarian Books by Fancy Decor
Wine Glass by NikotiN
Hardwick Manor by Apple Fall
Botanical Prints by Apple Fall
Pose by AnaPoses