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24022018 BE blog

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Frankfurt 3 Pose **NEW** by AnaPoses at Shiny Shabby
Study Collection (Desk, Chair, Books, Clipped papers on wall) **NEW** by [keke] at Shiny Shabby
Misun top/dress **NEW** by Belle Epoque at SaNaRae
Garden Conservatory by Merak
F222 Hair by Tram
Fairylight Rose Vines by +Half-Deer+
Typewriter by [Tia]
Bluetit by TLC in the Songbirds Collection 1

[ The look on your face is delicate… ]

20012018 Nutmeg blog

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Vintage Table Top Wreath **NEW** by Nutmeg for Shiny Shabby
Recycled Cabinet **NEW** by Merak for Shiny Shabby
Ruffle Pillow Decor **NEW** by Merak for Shiny Shabby
Books with Deerhead Bookends by Apple Fall
Unknown Specimen by Apple Fall
Shag Stool by Soy.
Churchill Paper Basket by [Tia]
Kitchen Pitcher with Hosta by Artisan Fantasy
Vintage Bird Cage by Half-Deer
Birdcage with Flowers by Zenith

[ Just let it take you. Just let it steer… ]

11012018 Merak blog

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Old Travel Documents by [Merak]
Stomna (Water Pots) by [Merak]
Grandma’s Purse by [Merak]
Velvet Armchair **NEW** by Milk Motion at Collabor88
Books in a Basket by Second Spaces
Plan Chest by Apple Fall
Heart String by Apple Fall
Belted Logs by Apple Fall
Plants by Compulsion
Book Clutter by Half-Deer
Clock Radio by Tres Blah
Never Stop Dreaming Glass Jar by Vespertine
Fisher Point Cottage by Trompe Loeil

[ Feigning joy and surprise at the gifts we despise over mulled wine with you… ]

29112017 Merak blog

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Tannenbaum has got me feeling festive particularly early this year!

Winter Dining Set **NEW** by [Merak] for Tannenbaum
Christmas Wishes Candles **NEW**by Krescendo for District20
Dove Holiday Banner **NEW** by Jian for Tannenbaum
Various food items by GA Uni and Vespertine
Christmas Trees and Old Manufactory by Apple Fall
Glitter Lanterns on Sticks **NEW** by [ keke ]
Rainfall Glitter **NEW** by [ keke ] for Uber