[ Never was a cornflake girl… ]

20022018 ULTRA flickr

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Milana Dress **NEW** by Fame Femme at N21
Alessia hair **NEW** by DOUX for ULTRA
Century Lounge Chair **NEW** by Eleventh Hour
Dorayakis & Soy Milk **NEW** by Ionic at Chapter Four
Potted Plant **NEW** by Ionic at Chapter Four
Music Co. AMP-5064A-3 by Seven Emporium
Jukebox DC108C by Seven Emporium
Vintage road bike (leaf green) by Anhelo
‘dorable Danes 6. Harlequin Companion Pup by JIAN 
Hanging clothes part of HAIKEI’s Save Room For My Love Gacha
Picture part of HAIKEI’s Lazy Sunday Gacha
Wall Smoker pose by KOPFKINO

[ There’s the moon asking to stay, long enough for the clouds to fly me away… ]

23012018 FF blog

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This week marks the closure of de*cid*u*ous.

I have worked on many sims over the years, yet this sim is different.  It tells a life, more importantly Trip’s life. Through art installations and text, coupled with carefully selected music and scenery it truly has been something special, done with love.

If you had the chance to visit this past year, know the gratitude for your time and support is endless.  The sim was never going to be a permanent installation and it served a purpose.  I feel honored and privileged to have understood that and be part of it as it changed colour and shed the leaves through the seasons.  And now as it closes, it gives us all chance to reflect.  If you would like to see Trip’s writing’s on de*cid*u*ous you should follow these links; the first is introducing the sim, the second is as it ends.

Peace and love to you all in 2018 ♥

Visit de*cid*u*ous before it closes this weekend

Nimora Long Puff Vest **NEW** by Fame Femme at The Seasons Story
Nimora Boots **NEW** by Fame Femme at The Seasons Story
Magissa Shirt by Ascend
Poppy Leggings by Blueberry
G1204 Hair by Tram
Contemplation Pose by KOPFKINO