Soft as the wind is wild…

27042018 SS blog

Serenity Style-La Dolce VIta Patio **NEW** for Shiny Shabby
[Merak] – Beach Lights **NEW** Beach Picnic GACHA for PocketGacha
[Merak] – Towel Roll (Stripes) **NEW** Beach Picnic GACHA for PocketGacha
[Merak] – Picnic basket **NEW** Beach Picnic GACHA for PocketGacha
[Merak] – Stomna (Water Pots)
[ keke ] soft as the wind is wild . aged **NEW** for Uber
{vespertine} – string of hearts plant sample **NEW** FLF 27th April 2018
{vespertine} – string of pearls plant sample **NEW** FLF 27th April 2018
{vespertine} – empty pots **NEW** FLF 27th April 2018
ANHELO M49BT-184GA :: broadleaf tree **NEW** FLF 27th April 2018
Nutmeg. Mag
Nutmeg. Bike Blue w/Static Anims
Nutmeg. Distressed clay vases – White Rust
Nutmeg. Paper Bag Group Gift
hive potted plants . swiss cheese plant
hive potted plants . gold dust dracaenas
Bazar Crete-Potted wall tree (left)
MudHoney Paxton Chair
MudHoney Paxton Wicker Table
MudHoney Paxton Succulents
Apple Fall Wine Glasses
Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec

[ You needed me to feel a little more, and give a little less…]

19032018 SS blog

♥ tune…

Santiago 4 Pose **NEW** by Ana Poses for Shiny Shabby
Nelly Sandal **NEW** by Bueri for Shiny Shabby
F222 Hair by Tram
Long Sleeve Romper by ISON
Bookworm Sofa **NEW** by Lagom for Shiny Shabby
Elvira Plate with Sliced Grapefruit by Apple Fall
Elvira Rose Tea by Apple Fall
Scented Candle by Apple Fall
Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot – White by Apple Fall
Triple Tray Table by [ keke ]
Plants by Dust Bunny and What Next