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04032018 Keke blog

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Swaying Grass (Summer shown available in all seasons) **NEW** by [keke] at FaMESHed
Windflower (White) by [keke]
Wild Crocus (White) by [keke]
Snowdrops by [keke]
Buttercups Wildflowers by Heart
Wildgrasses by HPMD
Sweet Garden Grass (White) by HPMD
Clover Forest Undergrowth by Heart
Hayabusa Design Composite Tree

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01022018 SS blog

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La-buvette Restaurant (Ultra Rare), Coffee Machine (Rare), Counter, Wall Art, Interior Lamp, Bunch of Mugs and Capuccino Mugs **NEW** by Serenity Style for PocketGacha
Potted Herbs and Metal Step Ladder **NEW** by [ keke ] for FaMESHed
Bottles of Water, Simple Kitchen Clutter, Hard to Find Plate Stack, Hard to Find Bowl with Lemons by [ keke ]
Patisserie Display, Braided Rug and Choux Pasty Tower by Dust Bunny
Reed Screen by Soy.
Pot Hanger on wall and Tablet Register by PLAAKA
Coffee Table by GA UNI
Hybrid Roses by Ariskea
Coffee Cups by THOR
Leather Chairs by junk.
Tray with Water Bottle by 22769
Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot by Apple Fall
Dracaena Trees by Little Branch